It Looks Different on You

What if all those boys on the block, in gangs, on drugs… what if they have depression. What if the drink and smoke to feel something, what id they fight to exorcise the anger and demons inside them, what if they left school because they couldn’t concentrate and it doesn’t matter anyways. Depression tends evoke the image of a very sad middle class person who struggles, but what if the face is different. What if it’s the parrow on the street, homeless and staring into space with a hand open for change. What if this runs deeper and we have been ignoring people who can be helped with simple therapy or medication?


2 thoughts on “It Looks Different on You

  1. You’ve highlighted something very significant here. It’s entirely possible (in fact pretty likely) that the people who society like to demonise could change their whole lives around if they were willing to accept treatment.

    Unfortunately it is far easier for people to perpetuate a ‘us vs them’ mentality. They want to believe that they are law abiding citizens and thus have nothing in common with these people. While I am in no way saying that crime is a good or admirable thing, portraying these people as monsters who just need to be locked up is not the answer either!

    Thanks for sharing this – you’re the first person I’ve come across who has written about depression from this perspective!

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